Thanks to its meteorological conditions and its geographical location, the island of Mallorca is ideal for obtaining high quality food products that are indispensable for the Mediterranean diet. Historically, the island was home to different groups of people who left part of their culture and legacy, maintained over the centuries.

This is the case of the production of Can Det’s olive oil, which has become one of the tourist attractions of the island. The visit to the Casa de Can Det is a plan frequently included in the Best tours by car and is always mentioned in the lists of Mallorca Activities, especially for sightseeing tours by car through the Valley of Sóller to discover the secret places of Mallorca.


Visiting the Almazara Can Det

In the Valley of Sóller we can find different farms dedicated to the artisanal production of extra virgin olive oil. This is the case of Can Det, which belongs to the same family since its foundation in the 16th century, keeping almost intact the production process that includes the use of the traditional stone mill, the capachos and the press for the transformation of the olive into oil.

The particularity of the Casa de Can Det, is that it offers visitors the experience of being part of the activities developed within the artisan factory, with various workshops that lead to know first hand the authenticity of the process of making olive oil and the traditions that revolve around it.

You will learn how olive oil is extracted from several varieties of the oldest olives in Spain, product of the efforts of several generations who worked to achieve the highest quality possible and the treatment received with a traditional stone mill, whose operation has changed very little in more than 400 years.

We suggest that on your visit to Mallorca, you choose a cultural or gastronomic tour that includes a visit to the olive oil mill Casa de Can Det.

Can Det olive oil mill - Driveando experience


Family history and lineage of Can Det

One of the guided driving experiences offered by Driveando, the Tramuntana Hidden Marvels route, includes a route through the Serra de la Tramuntana to Soller’s Valley, during which the guide will tell you about its history, mysteries and hidden secrets that only the island’s inhabitants know. The tour ends at Can Det, where you can cool down with a fresh local orange juice and taste a classic recipe of Mallorcan gastronomy, ‘Pa amb oli‘. A simple and traditional preparation of the island, consisting of a slice of local rustic bread with tomato and olive oil, accompanied by different local products such as cheeses and cured meats, although there are many variations with different ingredients. However, one of the main attractions of our tour of the Tramuntana and Sóller Valley in Mallorca is to learn about the influence of Can Det’s lineage.

Seventeen generations have dedicated their lives to maintaining the traditions and adapting them to modern life. Since their settlement in the Valley of Sóller in the 16th century, the family has maintained a strong link with the production of olive oil and citrus fruits, with two brothers running the family business with more than 400 years of tradition behind them.


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