Mallorca is a world famous destination for its beautiful beaches, but most people are unaware of the incredible value of the island’s underground caves. Even with its undeniable beauty, the caves of Mallorca do not usually stand out in the best tours Mallorca most requested by tourists.

Most of the Private Tours Mallorca focus on showing the surface of the island, as it is full of natural beauty, as well as an extensive cultural and historical heritage. However, it is always a good idea to explore what lies beyond the surface and discover the fantasy world that hides the largest of the Balearic Islands.

The 5 most impressive caves in Mallorca

To help you discover the magical caves that hide the Mallorcan surface, we present you a list that summarises the experience you will have in the five main caves with public access. As an extra tip, we will tell you which is our private tour that includes a visit to a beautiful cave in the surroundings of the city of Palma.

1. Drach Caves

These caves have become quite famous for having one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world, which allows you to tour them by boat. Since 1935, classical music concerts with a duration of 10 minutes have been organised inside the caves, offering an impressive sensorial experience.

2. Caves of Genova

A few kilometres from the city of Palma, in the neighbourhood of Genova, you will find the Genova Caves. The natural formation created approximately 4 million years ago, was discovered in 1906 while looking for water for the drilling of a reservoir, but soon became one of the most interesting tourist attractions of the island.

The itinerary of one of our tours in Driveando, the Tour of Palma de Mallorca and its surroundings includes a visit to discover the subterranean wonders hidden in the Genova Caves, which descend to 36 meters deep and are formed by Speleothemas coraloide, clusters of calcium coloured by minerals such as magnesium, iron and copper.

3. Hams Caves

Discovered by the Mallorcan speleologist Pedro Caldentey in 1905 in Porto Cristo (municipality of Manacor). To get to know the cave system there are tours Mallorca that takes you to discover different areas such as: the Round Cave, the Blue Cave and the Classic Cave.

4. Caves of Artà

To visit them, it is necessary to go first to the cliff of Capdepera. Inside you will find stalactites and stalagmites that have adopted mysterious shapes, creating natural spaces such as the Hall of the Queen of Columns, where you can see an impressive column of 25 meters high.

5. Campanet Caves

This is a group of caves composed of thin stalactites and stalagmites of calcareous rock belonging to the Mesozoic era. These caves are located in the Sierra Tramontana and although they are not so popular in the Balearic cultural tours, they are of great scientific value since in their interior live cave insects and remains of species extinct more than 5,000 years ago.