The village of Pina is one of Mallorca’s peaceful and quiet inland villages you must discover. With a population of just over 500 and its notoriously fertile land, this village is an area of outstanding cultivation.

However, this charming village is not only home to agricultural fields, but also to fascinating archaeological remains in the surrounding area, thanks to its rich and varied history.

Interesting places to visit in Pina

In spite of the fact that Pina is a rather small village, there are a few places that you shouldn’t miss on your next visit:

  • The parish church of Sant Cosme i Sant Damià
    It was built in 1853. It has two square towers and a small temple crowned by the statues of San Cosme and San Damián made of Santanyí stone. In addition, inside you can appreciate beautiful works done in fresco or on canvas.
  • The Qanawat Fountain
    The Qanawat fountain has an Islamic origin. It is located right at the entrance of the village, and next to the fountain are the washing places with six pairs of stone pikes.
  • The Viewpoint of Pina
    At the exit of the village there is a viewpoint from which you can see all the beauty of the valley.
  • The Convent of Pina
    It was founded in 1856. The Convent consists of two buildings that communicate with each other through a bridge. Visitors can also enjoy a small museum inside.

On our tour Windmills, legends and charming villages we will visit this beautiful village, where we’ll make our second stop, to take a walk to the Cruz de Pina, visit its Fountain and listen to the history of the old laundries, a vestige of the Islamic time that stands out for the hydraulic systems of the set of archaeological remains of the place.

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