Mallorca is a tourist destination visited by a large number of people, especially during the summer season. Usually, anyone who hears about the island thinks of it as a beach destination, when in fact it is also a location that has some gastronomic treasures to be discovered.

Mallorcan gastronomy always takes center stage in the ‘Balears Cultural Tours’ and the different experiences by car offered to get to know the island. In these tours, in addition to taking you to discover landscapes of breathtaking beauty, by taking one of the tours by car Mallorca offered, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the aromas, flavours, colours and textures of the island.

Ensaimadas, the star product of the island of Mallorca

Without a doubt, the ensaimada is one of the star gastronomic products in Mallorcan cuisine. Typically it can be found in almost any oven and bakery you visit on the island, being a pastry product of which there are written references since the 17th century and which has been continuously consumed ever since.

Ensaimada tasting - Driveando tours
During our tour, where we take you to know the Hidden Wonders of the Tramuntana, you can visit the Hermitage of Valldemossa to enjoy the beautiful views of the Miramar forest offered from its viewpoint, ending the activity tasting a delicious ensaimada to continue with the next stages of this interesting tour.


Know and enjoy the oranges of Sóller

The orange is a citrus fruit that was the basis of the economy in the town of Sóller for a long time. Its cultivation is widespread throughout the valley, sharing the protagonism with the cultivation of olive and lemon trees. Both in fairs and in the menu of the different restaurants in the area, it is possible to notice how the oranges of Sóller have great relevance.

In addition to oranges, the cozy town of Sóller also offers other gastronomic delights such as ‘Gató’ or almond cake, a sponge cake made from ground almonds and a typical dessert of the island of Mallorca. Another delight that can be tasted in the area is sobrasada, a type of sausage made from pork and paprika.

Know and enjoy the oranges of Sóller - Driveando


Lunch at Can Det

Among our tours by car Mallorca, you have available one that takes you to know the Tramuntana Hidden Marvels, ending with a visit to the oil mill and house of Can Det, linked centuries ago to the cultivation of citrus fruits, olives and the artisanal production of extra virgin olive oil. The tour will let you learn fascinating details about the production of olive oil on the island.

Finally, the itinerary of this adventure through Mallorca by car closes with a lunch at Can Det, tasting ‘Pa amb oli’, Gató (almond cake), wine, water and a delicious juice of freshly squeezed oranges from Sóller. Undoubtedly, a fun getaway and also of great gastronomic value.

Lunch at Can Det