Es Trenc is a beautiful virgin beach located in Mallorca, in the peaceful waters of the Mediterranean ocean. This spectacular natural landscape is considered one of the best beaches on the Island, and is also popular between the tourists.

Es Trenc is located in the south of the island, and is characterized by its soft white sand and crystal clear waters. The waves of the beach are so gentle and calm that it’s perfect for anyone to swim in it. If you are going to visit Es Trenc, you should keep in mind that the beach is more crowded during the summer, so try to get there early to get a good spot.



How to get to Es Trenc?


There are different ways to get to Es Trenc, but the most comfortable option is undoubtedly with a private vehicle, since the beach is in an unspoilt area and it can be difficult to use public transportation. For your convenience, you’ll also find several paid parking spaces near to the beach.

To get to Es Trenc from Palma, you must head towards Llucmajor and take the road that leads to S’Estanyol. After 6 km, you’ll see a detour that will take you directly to the beach. From there, the path is very easy and you just have to follow the indications. If you are traveling from other parts of Mallorca, the recommended route is to head towards the municipality of Campos and from there continue to Sa Ràpita, where you’ll find directions to Es Trenc.



The landscape of Es Trenc


Las Salinas de Es Trenc are part of the landscape environment of the beach. The most popular gourmet salt on the island is extracted from Las Salinas and is used in various restaurants in Mallorca. The salt from these salt pans is used to make salts combined with all kinds of flavors that are sold in supermarkets.

Es Trenc sea salt is rich in trace elements as it’s the result of the natural evaporation of seawater from the beach and has excellent properties.



Services that you can find in Es Trenc


Despite being a virgin beach, in Es Trenc you can find various services to make your stay much more comfortable and pleasant. Some of them are:


  • Showers and bathrooms to clean off the salt water and relieve yourself.
  • Umbrella and hammock rental services to protect you from the sun and to be able to lie down in the shade.
  • A lifeguard available for any emergency.
  • Pay parking for your vehicle nearby.



In our South Salt Flats and Cliffs tour, we’ll explore the salt flats and learn about the salt production process through an illustrative talk given by a representant person of the producing company.

We will be able to appreciate the ponds where the concentration of salt in the water is increased and we’ll learn about the different stages of the process until we achieve the salt that reaches our tables. An educational and fascinating experience for all lovers of nature and gastronomy.

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