Discovering Mallorca on a private tour is an experience you need to live. Discover the magic of this paradise of impressive geography and cultural richness. Visit Mallorca is to get in touch with ancient countries, fishing ports, beautiful landscapes and numerous recreational activities.

In its historic centre you can admire monuments and architectural works. And its turquoise blue beaches border the island and its mountains are full of natural attractions.

If you decide to discover Mallorca, we offer private tours that you can book exclusively for your group of friends or family, at the hand of our expert local guides, in your own language, without maps and without GPS. We will offer you a special look to show you the most local and authentic part of this wonderful island.

Book a Private Tour in Mallorca for an incredible experience

These are some of the advantages of booking our Mallorca private tours:

You can choose your experience

We offer you the possibility to drive your own car and we will guide you with our communication system between vehicles, so you will not miss a single detail of the attractions that we have prepared for your enjoyment. If you do not wish to drive, you can hire our Vip Trip services, whereby we will pick you up from your hotel, you will enjoy the tours and then we will take you back. You can also choose our e-tours aboard electric cars for fun, sustainable and silent excursions.

Selected routes

We carefully select the best tours in Mallorca, for the greatest enjoyment of the tourist. No need to study or research, in Driveando we have designed routes away from the crowded areas to visit the magical places that the island has, to learn about their traditions and local commerce. Throughout the year we create new tours in Mallorca for the greatest enjoyment of the groups that visit us.

Private environment

Enjoying Mallorca with your loved ones or friends can be a fascinating experience of fun in a more trusting environment. The number of photos, videos and jokes that can arise in your group will remain as pleasant memories and anecdotes of the trip. You will be able to express freely by being in a private and close environment, without having to interact with strangers who may not always be to your liking.

An unforgettable gift

Giving the gift of a travel and adventure experience is one of the most exciting presents that will last in your memories. Sharing with your loved ones the unforgettable Mallorca for a birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation or simply a family vacation, can be an unrepeatable experience.

More freedom and enjoyment

A private tour in Mallorca, in any of the modalities we offer, gives you the possibility to have more flexible itineraries, to enjoy each stop to the maximum, to ask without restrictions to our guides the questions you may have about the monuments, customs, local gastronomy, in an unforgettable trip through the Serra de Tramuntana, the interior villages of the center-south of Mallorca, the impressive cliffs of the southern area, or the magic of the city of Palma.

Although the private tour is one of the best options, there are also alternatives that can be very enriching and fun, such as discovering Mallorca by doing excursions and activities in small groups, like the ones you can find on our website. We also love the selection of experiences from Tour2b, specialists in tourist activities in the Balearic and Canary Islands.