FAQ (New Vipers)

What do I need to be a Viper?
Basically you need passion, knowledge of the destination, people skills, a car and several stations.
Do I have to use my private car?
This is what we recommend at the beginning. In Mallorca, we are already using rental cars, marked with the brand, with a superior trunk to store the equipment, fully equipped and mechanized, but our recommendation is to start with a minimum initial cost.
Who decides the price?
You do, always. We will provide you with tools and training based on our experience so that you can take into account all costs and determine the right price for each route.
Where do the customers come from?

Our marketplace is still a baby, it’s a recently created website and it still doesn’t have the right positioning. That’s why we work with a whole network of international distribution partners such as Expedia, Getyourguide, Civitatis, Viator, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Hotelbeds, etc. These are what we call origin sales channels, through which we currently obtain more than 90% of the bookings. At destination, it will depend on you to reach agreements with the receptive, DMCs, local agencies, etc. We also offer our products for companies, Driveando is an ideal experience for team building or business events.

In which languages do I have to offer the Tour?
In the languages you are fluent in, or you could also work with a reliable guide in other languages.
So, can there be more guides working on my destination?
Yes, Driveando is an open marketplace, customers reviews are what will determine the positioning of each product. Contact us if you wish to operate your destination exclusively.
Who charges? How much does the client pay?
When the customers book the tour, they pay 100% of the tour price. We charge with STRIPE payment gateway this amount, discounting the POS expenses, which we assume in full. The reservations that you sell at destination are charged by you, through your website, with your own POS or in cash.
What commissions do I have to pay for distribution?

What commissions do I have to pay for distribution?
We take care of publishing your products, not only in our marketplace www.driveando.com, but also on the main portals specializing in Tours & Activities in all markets. For this service we charge 10%, and apart from that, each of the portals charge their own percentage. In short, we estimate that the distribution costs at origin are approximately 35%. These costs are already taken into account when designing the pricing of each product. The sales that you achieve directly at the destination or on your own website are exempt from headquarters commissions, the costs are only 5% for Royalty.

Are the prices per car or per person?
The prices are always per person. Please consider that the visits with costs are negotiated per person, and the snacks, water, and more are also costs per person.
How much do you pay for scheduled visits?
Each visit is negotiated independently. The costs of the visits are very important to calculate the final RRP price, so it is VERY important that you negotiate them well. We will work on this during the training period.
Am I going to have training?

Yes, you will be able to access all the knowledge through webinars, telephone, mail or in person. In addition, our “Master Viper” & Co-founder Birgit, will always be available to teach you the most important concepts for driving with customers. We don’t want you to back out, but we usually call our Vipers “SUPER-GUIDES” because they really are. They talk, they drive, they are aware of the traffic, the customers, their explanations, they are friendly, they tell jokes, they offer snacks, and they prepare the next route.

How does the radio system work?
After many tests and disappointments with all kinds of technologies and devices, the system that meets our requirements for sound quality and signal range is a digital station with a built-in speaker, two-way with a double channel. They are premium brand equipment that we have been working with very well, with very few problems. In fact, any system could be valid but our routes run through secondary roads, private properties, places where there is usually a lack of coverage and data, that forces us to use equipment that guarantees optimal communication throughout the route.
Do I have to buy the equipment? How much does it cost?
Yes. It’s a necessary investment. To start up you’ll need at least 3-4 kits, plus the one that’s going in your car. Each team costs about 400 euros, so it’s a big investment. We can help you with equipment on deposit for a while, to support you in this important decision. Anyway, we will analyze each case rigorously.
How much can I earn with each Excursion?
The average income per client car is about 40 €, net, after taxes, and after all operating costs have been deducted. In the case of a private service, you always charge an additional supplement of 130 € net. The income is directly proportional to the price you set for your product, the negotiated cost of the visits, and the operative costs of the snacks, water, fuel, etc.
Should I have a degree or be self-employed?
It is essential that you are registered in the self-employed regime. No specific qualification is required to be a Viper, customers drive their own vehicle. Unless the itinerary includes visits to BICs (“Asset of Cultural Interest”) in which case it would be recommended that you were an official guide in order to do your job. In each case and destination we will study the requirements carefully.
Is it compatible with another job?
Absolutely. Especially in the beginning, we recommend to publish 1-2 days a week. It is totally compatible since you will organize the availability yourself.
How do I design the routes?
Driveando’s main value proposition is to offer alternative routes, not overcrowded, far from the usual highlights of each destination, those to which Google takes you with some ease. We focus on discovering magical places, local craftsmen, farmers or industrialists who are struggling to maintain a production, a culture or a tradition. Above all, we like to do immersive routes, where we can transmit to the traveller an authentic essence of the inhabitants of the destination, their customs, their gastronomy and their tradition.
And what if the customer doesn't have a car?

We usually say that Driveando is ideal for customers who enjoy their holidays by car, but it is also the perfect excuse to rent one for a day or a few hours. We have agreements with car rental companies and we encourage the use of electric cars. You can book cars on our website, and we recommend all our Vipers to establish alliances with local car rental companies, both to use their fleet, and as an important channel to promote and sell our own products.

How long does it take to design and publish a route?

An average of 4 to 6 weeks. Yes, it seems like a long time, but there are many things to consider. Especially finding the perfect route, that WOW! effect, the perfect timing, traffic, ideal visits, working on the contents with a connecting thread, bathing in the visits, ease of parking the vehicles, etc…, and driving through our route searching for possible incidents. We will also be by your side when designing routes, you set the destination and we set the experience. 

Where will there be Driveando?
Our intention is to create unique routes throughout Spain for all markets, before making the leap to our first international destination.