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Driveando is a new system of guided tours to which you must take your own vehicle. The excursion is led by a “Viper”, a guide-car with all the necessary material to make the event a success. Customers are always connected with the Viper listening to the explanations or solving their doubts through a two-way communication system.

How many people are on each tour?

Driveando tours are limited to a maximum of 7 vehicles on-route. Our current average is 2.2 passengers per car, so groups do not exceed 15-16 people in any case.

Are the prices per car or per person?

Our prices are always per person.

Is it suitable for children?

Driveando is a product for everyone.

Where is the meeting point?
The meeting point is detailed in each activity as well as in the confirmation email once the reservation is made. If you have doubts once at the destination, you can contact your Viper at the phone number you will see on the voucher.
How long is the tour?
It depends on each tour. The excursions are carefully designed by each Viper. Most of our tours last from 4 to 5 hours, and cover a distance of about 80 km.
What's the schedule?
These are usually morning excursions. In some destinations, we also do them in the afternoon.
Are you in the car all the time?
No. Our main proposal, besides the route and landscape, are the programmed visits. We always include between 2 and 4 visits, with a visiting time between 30 and 60 minutes.
What's included in the price?
Except for the car and gasoline, everything you need to enjoy the day. In general a local guide, expert in the destination, portable radio equipment, entrance fees if any, mineral water per person, one or several snacks. Some of our tours also include lunch.
Why do I need a guide if I have my own car?
To have a much more immersive experience, and enjoy the destination much more. You will forget about the GPS for a day, and let yourself be guided by a local semi-private guide who will share with the group his/her knowledge and passion for the destination.
Is the end point the same as the start point?

No. They’ll always be different points. At the end of the route, the Viper will collect all portable radio devices again and at this point, the program will come to an end.

From the end point you can return to your hotel, or continue on your own with the directions of our Viper.

If I don't have a car, can I go with the guide or another customer?
No, although it’s one of our next projects.
Can I ride a motorbike?
No, although it’s one of our next projects.
Can I rent a car with Driveando?
Yes. You can do so through our website, or by calling our offices. We have agreements with the main car rental companies in each destination.
Are there private services? How much do they cost?
Yes, each Driveando route can be booked in PRIVATE mode, so that the local guide will be exclusively with you for 5 hours. The prices are the same, per person, with a single supplement of 200 €, VAT included.
In which destinations are there tours or excursions?
You can currently find Driveando in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, although we hope that one day, you will be able to book Driveando in any tourist destination in the world.
How does the communication between the cars work?
The stations are easily installed at the meeting point with the Viper. They have a digital terminal with a built-in speaker, a PTT system (“press to talk” customer microphone) and an external antenna to amplify the signal up to 3 or 4 km. Each destination has its own license.

Booking process

What payment options do I have?
When you confirm your reservation, the system will direct you to our secure POS. You can use any credit or debit card.
Is it possible to book directly at the destination?
You will always see the updated availability on our website. If there is availability you can book up to 6 hours before the start of the tour.
Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

You can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the tour. For any change in the date, in the number of people or any requirement, you can contact us through the mail hola@driveando.com, we try to answer immediately.

Can I hire more activities directly from the guide?
Yes. The guide will inform you about the next excursions. If you are interested, you can hire them directly. For your next reservations, we will apply a 10% discount.
Can I book for someone else?

Yes, although at the time of payment, you will have to use your card and your personal data. You also have the option of booking a gift voucher, for the amount of the tour you want to gift.

How long do I have to wait to receive the confirmation email?

The e-mail is sent automatically, so you should receive it a few seconds after making your purchase, unless you have mistakenly mistyped your e-mail. In that case, write to hola@driveando.com and we will help you to solve it as soon as possible.

Opinions and comments

The reviews on the internet are very good. Are they real?
All the opinions are from people who have tried our experiences. In addition to those you can see here, you can see more on various platforms such as Tripadvisor, Google, Getyourguide or Airbnb, some of our business partners. At the end of your experience you will receive an email so you can send us your feedback, which we hope will be excellent.
Why don't I see my opinion published?

As soon as we receive your opinion, we will review it and publish it as soon as possible. If you wish to contact us for any other matter, we will be delighted to help you at our customer service phone numbers or through our mail or Whatsapp.
At Driveando we reserve the right to remove a rating, exclusively for the following reasons:

  • Use of obscene or discriminatory words
  • Ads or links to other websites
  • It does not refer to the reviewed activity
  • The client has made a mistake and has requested to edit or withdraw his publication
How can I leave my review?
Everything we do is aimed to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. You will automatically receive a survey so that you can evaluate all aspects of the tour. We are very grateful to all of you who review our services, as it certainly helps us to improve every day.

Dates, times and languages

What languages are the excursions in?
Each tour is designed and managed by a Viper, so the languages offered in each place and on each tour depend on that. The most common languages are Spanish, English and German, but in some destinations we are offering tours in French, Italian or Dutch.
What days do you do each activity?
On each activity page you will find a calendar with the available days in green
Can I take a tour on a day that is not marked on the calendar?

Regular tours are only available on the days shown on the calendar, but write to hola@driveando.com or call us at +34 971 072 073 and we will find a solution.

How far in advance should a reservation be made?
Normally we do not have problems of availability, except in specific seasons such as summer, Easter, but we do recommend making reservations well in advance because private services block whole calendar days.
What if the weather is bad?
Our excursions take place normally throughout the year, regardless of the rain. In case of extreme conditions we will cancel the trip, suggest a date change, and in the event that we are unable to attend the reservation, we will make a refund without any cost.
Are the meals or snacks offered suitable for celiacs?
When making your reservation we always ask you if anyone in your group has any kind of food intolerance. In this case, the Viper will be in charge of bringing alternative food or letting you know during the visits so that everything is organized.
Can I bring my own food?
You can bring anything you consider, remember that the Driveando experience is with your own car, with your family, with your privacy and with your space. So no problem!