Driveando: Tours by car with local guides

Driveando is a different way of enjoying top quality guided tours with your own car. By the hand of our expert local guides and an innovative portable communication system, you will discover hidden place, away from the touristic crowds. 

Our routes allow you to drive confortably in your own car, following our local expert guide, visit some amazing places, go to private fincas, meet local people and taste some of the typical local delicacies. What else would one ask for, in a tour?

All our excursions are created using the same criteria: offer unique experiences in places where not expected, alwys looking for the most authentic part of the destination.

Our routes have been designed by people who very well know the differnt areas, who dearly love the place they live on and who very much enjoy transmitting the uniqueness and magic of the places to the ones visiting them. 


Our guides

Our guides are experts and know very well the destination. They will delight you with contents in history, culture, landscape or local food, depending on the tour you have booked. Get to know our guides, a closer glimpse of the local character and all the different stories they are willing to share with you. 


Birgit De Bruyne - Mallorca

Birgit de Bruyne: Mallorca Local Guide

Our first Driveando guide, who has accumulated the most number of kilometers, offering unique experiences on the island of Mallorca in three different magical routes, proudly showing you hidden places of the island and sharing with passion details of history, culture, food and landscape of the island she so dearly loves. As she herself says, we visit and explore Mallorca with our 5 senses.



Andrea Corapi - Ibiza

Andrea Corapi: Ibiza Local Guide

Born in Austria, but destiny has wanted her to come to Ibiza, where she has been working for more than 20 years. Totally fallen in love with the island, she will know exactly how to make each route she offers a wonderful experience, exceeding the expectations of our visitors. Andrea leads Driveando Ibiza and offers her routes in German, English and Spanish.                 



Valerie y Nieves - Lanzarote

Valerie & Nieves: Lanzarote local Guides

Valerie and Nieves are official tourist guides in Lanzarote, a profession they combine with the creation of unique routes for Driveando. In Lanzarote they offer 2 wonderful routes in an amazing landscape, unique in the whole world. In love with the island, they offer our routes in Spanish, English, French and German




Looking for new and exciting challenges: Do you want to become a driveando guide?

If you like sharing the passion for the place you are living in and are willing to create a route showing authentic places and unique experiences, we want to get to know you.

Write to us and we will be more than happy to tell you how DRIVEANDO could become a way of life for you.